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If I Stay (2014)

If I Stay (2014)
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Title:If I Stay
Director : R.J. Cutler,
Writer :
Producer : Alison Greenspan,
Country:United States of America
Runtime:106 min.

 Production Company:New Line Cinema, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer


Based on Gayle Forman's novel of the same name. "If I Stay" is the story of the gifted classical musician Mia and her boyfriend, Adam, an up and coming indie-rock star. Torn between two paths in life, her art or her relationship, Mia is forced to make an even starker choice between life and death when she is caught in a fatal car accident with her family one snowy morning in Oregon.
Chloë Grace Moretz
Jamie Blackley
Liana Liberato
Mireille Enos
Joshua Leonard
Stacy Keach
Gabrielle Rose
Jakob Davies
Ali Milner
Aisha Hinds
Gabrielle Cerys Haslett
Lauren Lee Smith
Adam Solomonian
John Emmet Tracy
Chelah Horsdal
Christine Willes
Arielle Tuliao
Sarah Grey
William C. Vaughan
Paul Jarrett
Giles Panton
Dave Collette
David Orth
Camille Atebe
Annabel Kershaw
Toby Hargrave
Primo Allon
John Shaw
Michael Adamthwaite
Jameson Trenholm
Donnie MacNeil
Genevieve Buechner
Alisa Weilerstein
Elisa King
Brett Wise
Steven Jeays
Boyd Ferguson
Sylvesta Stuart
Ben Klassen
Ryan Stephenson
Tom Vanderkam
Tony Dubroy
Aliyah O'Brien
Shauna Cross
Ronna Kress
Gayle Forman
Denise Di Novi
John de Borman
Heitor Pereira
Keith Henderson
Monique Prudhomme
Brent Thomas
Louise Roper
Roxanne Methot
Linda Cohen
Brad Van Arragon
Gayle Forman
Tara Colledge
Anji Bemben
Fay von Schroeder
Jessica Clothier
Scott J. Ateah
Sean Gilhooly